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Seoul International Co., a leading independent electronic component distributor, stocks an extensive inventory of semiconductors, integrated circuits, batteries and more. Our wide selection of board-level active and passive devices range through leading edge technology to hard-to find,obsolete and allocated products, for all applications including NSN Components & Military/Aviation spares, hardware and assemblies.
SIC offers competitive prices and immediate delivery of a vast array of electronic products. We strive to provide you the best possible service in the electronics sourcing industry. Value Added Services, Just-In-Time Delivery; Order Tracking; Kitting and Global Sourcing.

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LED'sOPTO DevicesMIL-Connectors
LinecardAcoustic DevicesMagnets & Coils
Powersupplies/UpsRF DevicesElectronic Tubes
Batteries/AccesoriesCable Wire & Assbly.Chemicals/Adhesive
ConnectorsCrystals / OscillatorsCircuit ProtectionsEnclosures / RacksFans / Heat SinksFasteners/Materials
Passive ComponentsPower SuppliesSemicon-DiscreetSemicon-ICsSensor&TransducersSwitches & Relays
NSN SparesMIL-STD HardwaresMIL -STD Assemblies
ESD ProductsDevelopment SysCircuit Breakers
Surge ProtectionTerminal BlocksSelector Switches
Tools / KitsTubing/Molded partsID & Labeling Sys.


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