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Seoul International Co., understands and identifies the priority areas for business to focus on its trade feasibility areas/ countries to drive maximum growth. With its vast experience in the field of International Trade SIC gives a helping hand to those exporters or importers who need guidance in running their business smoothly by professional hands. It takes care of sourcing, supplies, pricing negotiations, management, execution of deals shipping and finally concluding deals. This service is provided on the basis of value/volume or for a specified time frame.

Companies, CEO's and Organizations with busy schedules take up services from SIC for solving complications arising in their businesses. Those who already have running businesses and want expansion in work area will benefit by SIC through this service

With advanced consultancy:

  • We provide improved understanding of the export
    process and undertake all related activities.
  • We also build up our client’s capacities and capabilities to enable them to independently handle their imports and export consignments.
  • We provide you with advice and support when acquiring or investing in a company.
  • We remain on board throughout the negotiations until the signing of the contract.
  • Our service includes individual consultation as well as active and systematic searching for a company for acquisition or investment.
  • We perform an analysis and evaluation of the company and assist with the drawing- up of contracts

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