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Seoul International Co. provides high quality, cost effective Laboratory & Diagnostic Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Hospital Hollowware, Lab Testing Equipment, Chemicals, Glassware, Microscopes, Plastic ware, Analytical Instruments, Disposables, Medical Equipment, Scientific Instruments, Optical Instruments, Anatomical Models, Surgical Equipment. Our services include preventative maintenance, repairs, installations, relocations, calibrations and qualifications. We are committed to provide excellent service and timely delivery

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Pharma Plants /Mach.Pharmaceutical Eqpt.Pharma Raw MaterialAnalytical InstrumentLab. InstrumentsTesting Instruments
MicroscopesWeighing MachinesPharma Ingredients

Tableting/CapsulationPackaging MaterialsPackaging/LabellingLab. GlasswareAnalysis InstrumentsMass Spectrograph

Electrochemical Eqpt.Thermal AnalysersDiagnosis Treat Eqpt.
Biochemical Test
Medical Eqpt.Ultrasonic Machines
Patient MonitoringSurgical InstrumentsMassage Apparatus
Medical SuppliesDental Oral Eqpt.Optholmic Eqpt.
Optometry Eqpt.Eye Care ProductsMobile Care
Electron OpticalLaboratory ChemicalsEnvironmental Eqpt.

We are looking for suppliers, business partners and agents engaged in the above mentioned product categories from Korea and abroad. Please contact us with your company profile and oblige.

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