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SourcingLocating the right source of product, the right country to supply goods and the right supplier to your country is what SIC does as its main function. There are sometime more than one country and hundreds of suppliers dealing in one product, which could be a problem of choice. Further SIC also has experience in checking the company's antecedents, the choice of port of delivery and the right invoicing.

We offer professional product sourcing assistance in connecting you with foreign manufactures with which you may be interested in working with as their representative, distributor, agent or even joint-venture partner. In the case of F.O.B/C&F sales, we will arrange Proforma/Invoices in the name of our partner companies or in the name of their respective customers with suitable in-built agency commissions, will arrange re-sale rights and agency letters in their name where applicable.

In some special cases SIC even imports or exports on behalf of its client. Our international product sourcing service is aimed at increasing your sales in your home market through international sourcing. In case of direct import, we will negotiate the right prices and terms, make necessary arrangement for pre-shipment inspection, shipment through a suitable freight forwarder, complete the port formalities and customs clearance, and finally will arrange inland transportation for buyer to deliver goods at their doorstep.

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