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Seoul International Co. is a distributing agent company serving customers worldwide with military products and services, automotive products, chemicals, fibers, plastics and advanced materials sourcing from Korea. We serve overseas original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket customers and defense forces.

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Air frame Mfg.Aircraft PartsAircraftEngine SparesAircraftLandingGearsAmmunition/Explsve.Ballistic Helmets
Bullet Proof ClothingC3 SystemsCrewman Helmets

Demolition KitsEW - Systems / Eqpt.Special FabricsUniform / ClothingFire Fighting Eqpt.Food & Ration

Foot ware/BackpacksHelicopter SparesLogisticSupport Eqpt.
Mil - IT Sys. / Eqpt.
Mil-VehiclesRoboticsO-Rings & Rubber
ParachutesSimulation SystemSmall Arms / Artillery
Training & PracticingUAVís & SystemsMIL SW/HW Sys
Electronics/AvionicsMil Engg SysMilitary Materials
Medical EquipmentNavigation/PositionPersonal Equipment


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